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Web Site Design

Small Business Website Design

The future for small businesses on the Internet  depends on the image, designed into your website – a professional and dynamic site is a must to atract customers and make sales. You can’t  be the top dog in your field , without a top website. WE CAN GET YOU ACTION!

No matter what size your business, you need a website on the Internet which is business-oriented ,dynamic, and is able to attract partners and potential customers. Your website insures your potential customers,  and partners, will have a solid first impression of the company and its effectiveness.
tomhelmandpartners provide affordable website design solutions, making it easier for your company to raise its internet ranking , at a lower cost.

Our Approach

Tomhelmandpartners, has developed commercial small web design method for testing the market, which helped more than 500 customers world wide. The design savvy of tomhelmandpartners has guided its customers to a high level of income and  company growth.

We understand that the budget can be a burden for small businesses and  plays a very important role in its success. When working with smaller budgets we take the same approach in promoting the business we just do it in smaller steps 

The design process depends on the following

  • Understanding the nature of your business
  • Getting to know the target market / industry
  • Understanding the goals that you want to achieve
  • The type of services and products offered
  • The most important requirements in place
  • Your short term goals and long term goals
  • Your strategic goals for your website

Based on the above information,  the  tomhelmandpartners team, will custom design and development your website to suit your company and business needs.

At tomhelmandpartners we look at our customers as  partners and  work toward long term business relationships, and our partners in profit.

What We Offer

For small business we provide the latest Web 2.0 features to keep you in touch with your audience.

Our site for small business portfolio includes

  • Business to consumer websites (B2C)
  • Sites Business to Business (B2B)
  • Bricks and mortar and start-ups and e-commerce sites.

As a professional small business website design company we understand the value of time and money. We work with you as partners in technology, so you can focus on the strategies for your core business while we work in the back ground to make your organization accessable to global customers on the World Wide Web.

We cover all aspects of registering your domain name to create your site and host it for you. We understand the cost of doing business in this competative marketplace and we give your organization the highest return on your investment .


  • Increased visibility on the Internet
  • Improve the efficiency of the process
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • A reduction in operating costs and maintenance
  • Increase return on investment
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Corporate site Design

 Tomhelmandpartners translate your business objective in a compelling case for collaboration and  understand that the site not only requires a team of experienced designers and technical people including market savvy professionals who understand the business goals and market requirements.
Successful design requires conceptual clarity and the ability to imagine a comprehensive solution in the vicinity of industrial areas and specific business processes.

The technical team in tomhelmandpartners group of experienced professionals who can visualize the most complex customer needs and translates them to a simple solution and aesthetic – site that helps companies announced arrival on the scene.
We deliver the product that builds a leading institution in its class, while carving a niche for itself in the world on the Internet.
We make the process easy and yet provide a comprehensive solution that is optimal for your business.

Our approach

Our team have all of the skills needed to build you a website that will be your business front - and that translates into a unique solution designed specifically for your business and marketing needs.
Within our portfolio, you will find “the only true custom-type” design and development from around the world. Our company includes some of the largest to the smallestbusinesses and businesses with all types of budgets.
Our specialists build corporate designs for all projects, to suit the requirements of our customers.

The focus of our activities:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management
  • Operations Management
  • Page layout and navigation

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