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Logo and Identity Design

Need customers  to get your message? Design and  communications effective websites and blogs is a must have.. They are beautiful and sends a strong message. You are looking for graphic arts.

Graphic design includes:

  • Logo Design

Printed in the literature (such as pamphlets, brochures, annual reports)

  • Corporate identity and branding
  • Business Cards and Stationery
  • Design documentation (such as reports, brochures and communications.
  • Price
  • Banners and poster exhibition
  • Lists
  • Advertising

Need something else? No problem. Just tell us your designing or graphics needs.

Logo Design

Tomhelmandpartners understand that each customer would like there own custom logo design for there site.You want that extra zing in a high quality logo design , which idenitifys  you to your new found customers.

In fact, the logo is probably the first thing that is noticed about your companysite. What qualities can we design into your logo?  Professional, experienced, innovative, reliable  or others are some suggestions,We will need your help on this one. How do you see your company, and what do you represent in the market place. We will do some brainstorming with you and come up with the best design for you. It will attract attention and be the symbol for your organization.


Brand Identity Creation.

The brand identity – logo, business cards, letterheads, brochures, leaflets, and the Internet – working together to develop the personality of the company. Get it right, and have a good campaign for life!

The first step is to design a logo. And the logo is a very important part of your advertizing. According to a summary of  Tomhelmandpartners create three different concepts of logo design. You must decide which concepts are most appropriate for you and  Tomhelmandpartners will refine this concept to create a new logo. Easy!

 Working With You:

  • Briefing: First, the presentation: We discuss the properties of your business, target markets, and  the logo design. Then the team will prepare a brief for you. Once approved, in short, all systems are go.
  • Development Concept: Based on your brief, we set up 3 different logo design concepts.
  • Set: You must choose one of the concepts . Then the team goes about there business of creating the logo for your approval.
  • Design documentation:  Tomhelmandpartners design firm, will design headers for your writing paper, stationery, business cares and other appropriate products for your company. You will check the design and make any corrections , that are necessary.
  • Manage design files: at the end of the project, we will transfer the copyrights and send the logo and stationery designs to you by e-mail.

Brand packages

Branding is essentially a visual brand identity that were constructed to represent the company, product, service, event, etc..

The key to brands is that  it is recognizable in the market. This can take a company to new hights.  A poor trademark will leave the market confused about who you are and what you do.

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